Proofreading Touches

  1. Numerals. Are there any numerals at the ends of lines? … To fix: Use a hard space to connect the numeral with the word after it.
  2. Titles (honorifics). Are the titles (Mr., Ms., Mrs., Dr., etc.) separated from the names? … To fix, connect them with a hard space.
  3. Hyphenated words. Is there a hyphen (from a hyphenated word) at the end of the line? … To fix, replace the standard hyphen with a hard hyphen.
  4. Copyright page:
    1. Use the ISBN of the current book only, not for all editions
    2. Book’s copyright is in the name of the publisher
  5. Fun Graphic Elements. Can a fun graphic element be added to the header? … For example, a heart, a dagger, a book … something connected with the book’s theme.
  6. See Locally, Check Globally. … Ask: Where else does this appear in the book? … There is a saying in geology: “What happens once can happen again.”
    1. If you find one typo, check the whole book for more instances.
    2. If for example you change the style of a chapter title, make it consistent in a chapter tites.
    3. Find one error in SPUG (Spelling, Punctuation, Usage, Grammar) … And then check the entire book for these.
  7. Special features (for nonfiction books). Here are some examples; a map, a family tree, a timeline, end notes, an index, a frontispiece, illustrations, and more — to add value and interest.
  8. Additional special features. … An Introduction, an Afterword, photos, quotations. Be creative and think of things connected with the book.